How to Pick a Lottery Number

lottery number

If you’ve ever tried to pick a lottery number, you know what a headache it is. It’s a complicated 32-digit code that tells you where you fit in the admissions process. But did you know that the Department of Education released it before submitting its list? The new disclosure came in response to a number of parents’ requests and demands for more transparency. But does the lottery really work? Let’s find out.

The first step is to decide which number you’re most comfortable with. While you might be tempted to pick the most common lottery numbers, you may find that you prefer a more significant one. For instance, you may be more inclined to play the 2-1-3-1 lottery in Maryland, where it became popular when the team’s second baseman, Cal Ripken Jr., broke Lou Gehrig’s record of consecutive games. Or perhaps you’re more of a history buff and want to remember when the Iranians released 52 Americans from their prisons.

It’s not uncommon to play the lottery on a special day or figure in your life. For example, the two-three-one lottery was popular in Maryland when baseball player Cal Ripken Jr. played consecutive games, breaking the Lou Gehrig record. Or, you could choose the 4-4-4 lottery in the summer of 1981, when Iran released 52 American citizens and made it to the draft. Whatever the reason, you’re bound to have a lucky lottery number that will make you happy!