Lottery Winners’ Tragic Stories

lottery winner

The name of the lottery winner is usually the first thing that is released, followed by the city and date of the win. The amount won is never disclosed. However, if you are a New Hampshire resident, you can sue under the name of “Jane Doe” and claim the tax benefits. If you’re from another state, you can ask your state’s lottery agency about the rules. It may be beneficial to consult an attorney who specializes in tax issues.

Unfortunately, not everyone is so fortunate. Some lottery winners have tragic stories. William “Bud” Post won $16.2 million in 1988, but his wife and girlfriend tried to seize half the prize. His brother then hired a contract killer and killed him. The next year, he went bankrupt due to his bad money management. Fortunately, the family is recovering and is celebrating the big win with a wedding. Although the money is huge, the lottery winners can’t live the life they expected.

In 2008, a Georgia couple won a $434,272 jackpot. A few months later, they were murdered by seven masked men. Their family said they were angry because their son had won the lottery. Abraham Shakespeare, who had won a $30 million jackpot in 2006, was killed by Dorice Moore. She later claimed that she was writing a book about taking advantage of people, but in reality she just started stealing his money and killing him.