Sports Betting Tips – How to Make a Profit Betting


If you want to make a profit betting, then you must have the discipline and dedication to stick with your betting strategy through the upswings and downswings. Profitable bettor’s understand the math behind the game and they use that knowledge to give themselves an advantage over the house.

There are a few different ways to reduce variance and increase your chances of winning, including focusing on games with lower odds, placing your trades close to kick-off and using a proportional staking system such as the Kelly Criterion. If you are serious about your betting then you should also be tracking your closing line value and the amount of money you have won or lost on each type of bet (player props, spreads, totals).

Some bettors even choose to specialize in less popular leagues and divisions where they feel they have an edge over the bookmakers. This may require you to travel a bit or spend more time researching each team and their tendencies.

A common mistake made by new bettors is to buy picks from services that promise guaranteed wins. Be careful of these services and always check their overall track record, customer satisfaction and Better Business Bureau ratings.

There are plenty of sports betting tipsters on social media and online but be sure to find ones who provide solid research and data in their predictions. Look for tipsters that share their overall profits and have a solid track record of profitability.