What Happens to You After You Win the Lottery?

Winning the lottery can be a dream come true for some, but what happens after you get your check? There are a lot of things that can happen to you after you win the lottery, including paying taxes, hiring security guards and being stalked by people seeking money. If you decide to go public and disclose your lottery winnings, there is a risk of getting mugged, kidnapped or murdered. You can protect yourself by researching the laws in your state and seeking trusted advisors.

One lottery winner spent her winnings on creating a spray park at a local lake. The camp is free and allows children to escape the distractions of modern life. Since it was free of taxes, the Kuteys didn’t have to worry about paying the costs of the park. The Kuteys donated the equipment and the materials for the spray park. Once she had received her jackpot, she poured it all back into her community, including a spray park.

Another lottery winner spent all of her winnings in a matter of years. She bought a house that doubled as a party room, blew the money on luxury cars and other frivolous things, and incurred legal entanglements. After four years, she was forced to take up manual labor on a farm and ended her life in a suicide attempt. In another case, a South Korean immigrant won $18 million in the lottery in 1993. In addition to spending all of her money, she also invested a portion of it, but it failed. A few years later, she was forced to close her restaurant.