How to Win at Sports Betting


Betting is a way to make money by placing bets on various outcomes. These outcomes can be the outcome of a single event or multiple events that must play out in order for bettors to win their wagers.

Value Bets

The key to winning betting is to find value bets. This is a process that requires an understanding of how the odds work and how to identify the value in each bet you place.

Expected Value

EV is an important concept for all bettors to understand and should be considered when evaluating odds for every bet they place. The higher the EV, the better the return is on your bets.

Positive expected value (+EV) bets are an ideal way to identify value in sports betting, but casual bettors tend to neglect this strategy and focus on a more ad hoc approach to gambling.

Point Spreads

Often, sportsbooks will enhance or add value to their line for games involving high profile teams with a lot of interest in the public. This is often a good opportunity for value bettors to fade the favorite.


One of the biggest factors influencing odds is injuries in sports. A team that is injured will not play up to its full potential, and it will be harder for the team to make the most of its chance to win a game.

When a team is injured, it is also more difficult for them to find a replacement. This can lead to lines moving in either direction, making value bets more difficult.